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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Step One - Powerless - Part One

Step 1: We admitted that we were powerless over our addition(s) and compulsive behaviors that our lives had become unmanageable.

Welcome back folks.  Before we get too deep into “powerless” we wanted to reiterate that, there is no hopeless case and that there is Hope for everyone.  However, the fortunate Truth of our addiction/compulsive behavior Recovery is this; in order to Recover, the majority of us have to experience our own Rock Bottom.  This means that we not only have the revelation of our powerlessness but we experience a period of feeling hopeless as well.  Because each person’s rock bottom is different, this time period will vary with each individual as well.  But we have to go through this.  Without experiencing this emotional toilet, we are not broken.  It’s that brokenness that awakens us to the Truth and it’s that Truth that sets us free.  We must become honest-Rigorously Honest- if we desire to Recover.  It’s that honesty that allows us to admit with conviction our powerlessness over our addiction(s) and compulsive behaviors.  

Since this one word (powerless) is such a stumbling block to us when we begin our Recovery Journey, we are going to take some time with it.  We are not in a race and it is imperative that we get this right. 

Even though each Step is vital to our Recovery, and we will have our “road trips” and ups and downs along the way, Step 1 is the only Step that has to be worked perfectly.  There can be no flaw, no short cut, no “getting by”, no “good enough” and no reserve with this Step if we are to Recover.

As we have mentioned in this blog many times, drinking/using isn’t the real problem.  It is but a symptom of something much deeper.    Many of us have abstained for periods of time only to pick up /use again. 

Have you noticed that none of the 12 Step Recovery Programs have the word “abstinence” in the first step?  Have you ever wondered why that is?    While abstinence from our DOC (drug of choice) is a start, it isn’t the solution.  So abstinence alone does not lead to Recovery.

What leads us to Recovery is the realization and conviction of what we state in the First Step:  “We admitted that we were powerless over……that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Webster’s defines powerless as “devoid of strength or resources; lacking the authority or capacity to act”.  But what does powerless mean to you?  Powerless- to not pickup/use, over what happens when you do, over quitting, over the effects that it has on you?  Or just powerless period?  Send us your thoughts.  We’d like to know what you think of when you hear or say the word powerless as it pertains to addiction/compulsive behavior.

Join us again soon as we discuss more about Recovery and your comments about it. 

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Remember:  “It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing!” 

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