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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Humor

In between our regular posts, we have decided to add a little humor!  Below is the first of these humorous cartoons.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Believe - Continued


.... to accept as true or as speaking the truth

Okay folks thanks for coming back to visit us.  We hope that the information about "Alcohol Awareness Month" was helpful.

Before we get back to "Believe", we wanted to remind you to visit our website, Your Daily Fix.   You will find lots of useful information there and a list of the 12 Steps that we will begin discussing in the very near future.

Now, more on "Believe":  We left our discussion with ... forgot how to believe.  In reality, it isn't so much the "how to believe" that's the problem.  We alcoholics/addicts don't really have an issue with that.  Our problem centers in the "what we believe".

Our "stinking thinking" has us convinced that we don't have a problem.  We believe that it's someone else's fault that we drink and/or use.  We believe that next time we'll do better.  We believe that we can quit anytime we want to.  We believe that we've already messed up so we might as well go ahead and drink or use.  We believe that we are justified in our drinking and/or using.  We believe that it doesn't matter, we are useless; no one really cares or understands.  And countless other lies that our sick minds are believing.

So our problem isn't in knowing "how" to believe but rather in "what" to believe.  But how do we go from believing lies to believing the truth?  First, we have to begin by being honest with ourselves about our problem.  But that's getting ahead of the program - more on that later.

For those of you reading this that accept that you do have a problem, we want to encourage you to "believe" (accept as true) that there is a solution - that works!  Believe that if you do your part, it will work for you too.  Believe that despite the circumstances there is "Hope".  Believe that you are valuable and that you have worth.  Believe that you can recover and believe that you can be restored to a life better than you had before.

Just "Believe" or at least be willing to believe.  It's simple - just not easy.

Join us next time as we step from "Believe" to "Faith".  If you or someone you know has a drinking or drug problem and you want help, contact us.  We are here to assist you or them.  Additionally, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions, drop us a line.  We'd like to hear from you.

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Remember:  "It is what it is and "it ain't nothing but a thing!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We are interrupting the 2nd part of the "Believe" discussion to pass on some pertinent information.

In recognition of National Alcohol Awareness Month, which is April, we provide the following information.  Here is an example of the information we found on Salem News.

"Every year, during the month of April, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) observes National Alcohol Awareness Month to raise awareness of alcohol abuse and to encourage people to make healthy, safe choices."

"Communities across the nation are hosting events this month to raise public awareness about the consequences of alcohol misuse."

Right now there is a wealth of valuable information concerning alcohol use, addiction and abuse out there both for the abuser and their family.  We have listed some of the sites here for your convenience:

Altius Directory
Alcoholism at About.com

If you feel that you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem and you want help, there is useful information on our website, Your Daily Fix, or contact us directly.

Join us next time when we continue "Believe."

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Remember:  "It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing”!

Monday, April 2, 2012


...to accept as true or as speaking the truth

Some may think that we should have discussed Believe before Hope.  We think not-for many with addiction issues must first Hope to Believe.
Not only have we given up Hope but Believing that anything good or positive is possible for us has faded into the darkness.

Our “stinking thinking” has us believing in the wrong direction.  Where we once Believed that we would get better, do better and be better….we now Believe that this is as good as it gets.  That we are what we are and that we won’t ever change.  That this is the way it is so why bother.  I have gone too far.  There’s no use in trying, it’s over, and I’m done.
Belief is a strong character that runs on a one-way street.  You either Believe positively or negatively.  Problem is; most folks have forgotten how to Believe positively.  This is where we will pick up next time.
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Remember: It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing”!