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ATTENTION: While working through the 12 Steps is NOT a race, we realize that not everyone works at the same pace. Therefore, we offer individual assistance - just contact us.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Social Media Update

We wanted to announce that we have now launched our website:  Your Daily Fix.  We have also launched a Facebook page, as well as a presence on Twitter.  You can find links to our Facebook page and Twitter on our website.
We certainly hope that you will take a moment to visit the website and would appreciate your feedback.  Feedback from our visitors is the only way we can make the website effective and helpful.
Check back soon – as the post entitled “Believe” will be posting within the next few days.
Remember:  It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recap on HOPE

Webster’s defines hope as: "A desire accompanied by the expectation of fulfillment or success."
In our last two posts we have been emphasizing Hope.
We have stressed the point that no matter what you or someone close to you has done or is doing there is Hope for you and for them.  In the recovery arena there are no hopeless cases.
We have reinforced the fact that everyone has worth.  There are no “worthless” people.
We have shared parts of how one person who had lost all hope-rediscovered it.
Our desire is that we have emphasized Hope strongly enough that if you didn’t know before, that you now know that Real Hope does exist and that you can have it.
We sincerely believe that Hope is the foundation that everything else is built upon.  Without it the process will crumble.
Join us next time as we focus on “Believe”.
Until then………. Be sure to tell a friend about us.
Remember: It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing”!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


"A desire accompanied by the expectation of fulfillment or success."
Last time we left off with a statement about me.  We will get back to that later.  But first let me share parts of a story with you about a man who had given up all Hope only to re-discover Real Hope. (Due to time I’ve condensed this down quite a bit.)
First a little background information on our fellow.  Here was a man that, by modern day standards, had a pretty successful life.  He had a stable family, a nice home and a successful business.  He was highly thought of in the community and an active church member.
Skip ahead some years.  Then life sort of takes a dump on him.  His father passes away, his precious little girl, 17 now, meets the wrong guy and starts going crazy and leaves home and his marriage of 19 years goes down the toilet.
Fast forward a bit more.  His "A" student with scholarship daughter is barely going to graduate now and without her scholarship, the business that he left his career to come home and help his father with was sold out from underneath him.  Did I mention that unknown to the children his father changed his will and left everything to the step-mom.  And our man has started drinking.
Fast forward some more.  Now our man has given away several good jobs, he is shunned in the community that once loved him, his darling daughter is now pregnant and unwed, his son quits high school, he has stopped going to church and he is now living out his new found addiction.
Moving ahead a few more years, he now finds himself homeless, jobless, family less, penniless, hopeless and living in a full blown addiction to alcohol.   
Skip ahead a bit more.  Now he is as down and out as any person can get (so he thought) and decides to borrow a pistol from one of his drinking buddies.  Sitting in a drunken state, thinking about his life past and present, he loads the pistol, and puts it into his mouth.  Anything had to be better that this pain he thinks.
OK, no he didn’t pull the trigger there was an interruption.  Or as I call them “a God thing” happened.  So now we skip forward about a week and a half.  And you know how you hear someone say “things just can’t get any worse”?  Well, don’t ever say that because they can.  After everything that our man has been through, he gets busted for DUI (2nd offense) his vehicle gets impounded and he gets locked up.  I don’t know about you but if anyone had a reason to feel hopeless and helpless, I’d say that our man did.  SO now here he is on the street, facing jail time, no money, no family, no real friends and what does he do?  Well he finds some cans to sell and scraps up enough money to purchase a bottle of booze, and he drinks himself into another blackout.  Upon coming to he again starts recounting his life and again contemplates killing himself.  After all, everyone had disowned him; he is helpless, homeless, jobless, and hopeless.  Besides would it really matter if he were dead?  At least he would not have to deal with the pain of all the trouble that he and his addiction has caused himself.  So what do you think happened to our man?
Well, by the Grace of God, he didn’t do it.  As a matter of fact the post that you are reading on this blog has been written by the man we just discussed.  Yep, it’s yours truly.  (More of that story forth coming.)  So when I tell you that there Is Not a problem, situation, or circumstance that is hopeless, it’s really the voice of experience talking.
In closing, let me reiterate, no matter what you have done or are doing….no matter what you may think and no matter what you have been told- you are valuable and you have worth.  Do Not Believe Otherwise!!!  And you are not hopeless nor are you helpless.  If you are reading this, then There is Hope.
Until next time.     Be sure to tell a friend about us
Remember:  It is what it is and “it ain’t nothing but a thing”!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome to the inaugural post of the YDF blog.  Thank you for visiting us on our Grand Beginning.  It is our goal to make this blog different from others dealing with the same subject matter, by encouraging our readers to contact us with issues that you are most concerned about.  If our content isn’t of interest to you then why would you bother to read it? 
In this introductory posting we will be testing our format and layout.  As this is our first attempt at this it is vital that you let us know what you think and how you feel that we can improve this blog. So without further delay here we go.
           "A desire accompanied by the expectation of fulfillment or success."

First and foremost we want to tell you that there is real Hope.  No matter what the situation, no matter what someone may have told you, no matter what you may think.  If you are reading this, then there is Hope…real Hope.
All too often in this world that we live in something happens that causes us to lose hope.  How often have you heard someone express there’s just no hope or it’s hopeless?  And then it seems that their life just goes down the drain.  Let me say right here there are no problems, no circumstances, and no situations that are hopeless. 
Whether it is finances, a job, a vehicle, health, a place to live, a relationship, court, jail, an addiction, whatever it might be there is Hope.   People may tell you that it’s hopeless; you might as well give up.  Don’t listen to them.  They are wrong.
Maybe you have a friend or loved one that you think is a hopeless case?  Maybe it’s a brother or sister or an aunt or uncle?  Maybe it’s your neighbor or your best friend?  Maybe it’s even a parent?  Don’t give up on them.  There is Hope.
Perhaps you are like me, an individual that has been told that you are a hopeless case?  That you are worthless and that you won’t ever amount to anything?  That you will never straighten out.   Don’t you believe them.  They are wrong because you have great worth!  And yes, there is Hope.
I wonder how many of you are thinking “all this talk about Hope, that’s easy for you to say”.  It hasn’t been as easy for me as you might think.  Come back soon for Part II of Hope.

Thank you again for visiting and for your input.  

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 Whatever it is . . .  "it ain't nothing but a thing."